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Originally Posted by not_federer View Post
I'm not sure if this is the right board for my problem but here goes.

Every time I try to log in and reply I encounter heavy resistance. Here's what happens:

1 - Hit reply
2 - enter "not_federer"
3 - type password, hit enter
4 - read the message "Thank you for logging in, not_federer!"
5 - then it takes me back to the login page.



It's finicky and not entirely consistent. For example, I'm writing this post without any resistance. Also, if I go into a thread and hit the reply button on the top left of the thread, as opposed to as the bottom, it works - but only after logging in several times. The whole thing is madness and makes no sense.

Is this a bug? Am I doing it wrong? Is it my account settings, am in being punished, what? I'm really curious.
It has happened to me too. One easy solution is to check the "Remember Me" next to User Name to save your username and password. So everytime you click Talk Tennis, you are automatically logged in. It worked for me
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