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Originally Posted by Nadalgaenger View Post
The most convincing evidence of Nadal's greatness relative to rivals like Fed, Djoker, and others is the high esteem in which other top players hold him.

Murray, Ferrer, Berdych, Tipsarevic--all consider Nadal the toughest player to beat.

And Djokovic has been quoted as saying that Nadal is the greatest player of all time.

Nadal will not pass Federer but he will come close. And if he ends up with 15 majors or more, he will be GOAT because of the H2H and Fed's WEAK ERA.
Seriously there have been much better "Nadal is better than Fed" posts. This is really weak and I'm surprised anyone got worked up over it, you have to troll harder. Btw, Ferrer thinks Nadal is the toughest to beat? Have you compared his H2H with Nadal and his H2H with Federer? You can also compare Davydenko vs Nadal and Davydenko vs Federer. You know if you're just gonna pick a bunch of players (seriously, Tipsy, Ferrer and Berdych? those greats of the game??)

Man I could write a better nadal is the GOAT thread
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