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Originally Posted by redduck996 View Post
the only thing that came up for philly was the gamma 6004 version 3
anyone know what year that model came out?

I might just bite the bullet and buy a new neos. should i go with the 1000 or 1500? And are parts and service that much harder to get then the gammas?
See the one below. The version 3 came out early 2002-2003, it still has the old switch action base clamps, not like the beefier new ones. The clamps are newer, than the previous model that had black clamps.

I've had no problems with Gamma service. Though I did get screwed on shipping once. As for Prince, you have to go through TM, and they don't always answer the phone, but they do call you back if you leave a message. (See this thread)

Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
That's a steal for both machines. Each one is worth at least $500.
Machines: Gamma 6004 2-point w/ Wise 2086 & Babolat Sensor Dual

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