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Originally Posted by Povl Carstensen View Post
Well I do not.

Originally Posted by TMF View Post
the same old crap.
It's not crap.

Originally Posted by Cup8489 View Post
But his whole premise for this thread is based on the opinions of many people.
Firstly, the only reason I quoted 6 tennis experts in my opening post, is to show it's not just *********s who claim that Novak is an all-time great. It's not my argument for claim that Djokovic is an all-time great, and therefore I have not commited logical fallacy.

Secondly, had I used these opinions as argument, I would not have commited argumentum ad populum, but argumentum ad verecundiam

Thirdly, this is my argument: "I think Djokovic is an all-time great. He won 5 slams (fact) and was No. 1 for 2011 and 2012 (fact)."

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