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[QUOTE=Torres;7106216]It won't work. 10 crosses at 55lbs doesn't provide enough SBS to stop the stringbed from trampolining. The string spacing on the crosses is simply far too wide and you've gone past the point of any reasonable playability. How is a ridiculously steep launch angle going to help you win a point?

Wilson offer a 16x15 very specific drill pattern with a recommendation to use a very stiff, thick string (15g 4G) for that very reason.

It just shows, you don't know until you try!
My Wilson K-bold will add extra spin, only IF I want it, by hitting a western forehand grip and really trying to PUNCH the ball, with a little bit of upper-cut, at contact. When I try an extra-eastern grip and visualize Justine Henin's powerful backhand, the extra weight I've added, now up to 384 grams, it launches the ball straight, but the extra spin comes in, as it looses speed which is at or near the baseline..IF I want it to.
Hitting it more horizontally with a continental grip, or when hitting a volley, it's the same as it was originally, but with a lot more power.
I will next try it on 2 frames I've been meaning to restring. A Fischer M-Tour 105, now at 321 grams and needing some more weight and the Prince Air Light 118", that is currently my main weapon of choice, weighing in at 385.5 grams.
i've been using 17G string Pro's Pro Vendetta poly mains and Gamma syn-gut crosses, but after reading a few other players experiences and what Wilson is recommending, I will try some heavier gauge string, this time.
I always use lower tension, for more power and arm friendliness, with the mains strung at a higher lower than the cross's, when having a full bed done, but with a hybrid, my stringer recommends a lower tension on the cross's, if they are not poly, since they do not snap back as fast, to provide a more even string bed on contact. Seems to work, for ME!
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