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Well Federer has match points and only scored 3 fewer points than Berdych during the match. So it was close. Still, Ferrer owns Berdych pretty badly, so still a valid question.

I think you have to be tougher mentally to beat Ferrer than to beat Federer. Ferrer puts more pressure on your mind, Federer puts more pressure on your actual physical tennis.

Federer plays lower % tennis than Ferrer. Ferrer forces the mistake from Berdych, exposes holes in his game. Puts a lot of mental pressure on the opponent to hit several winners a point. Also, Federer comes in more, so can be passed more, whereas against Ferrer Berdych has few weapons because neither player comes in*.

I'm not sure, but Ferrer could be a step faster than Federer at the moment when running down balls after being out of position, even though Federer has better anticipation imo. Can't prove this, but seems to me to be the case.

Very interestign question... i guess i should re-watch a ferrer vs. berdych match to see how he is doing it.

* Contrast with Davydenko, who comes in to the baseline a bit and creates angles on nearly every point, taking the ball on the rise and taking time away from Ferrer, opening up the court. Berdych doesn't do this.
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