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Originally Posted by NumbersGuy View Post
Actually the language beernutz bolded at the end of 2.04B is new for 2013, it does not appear in the 2012 rules. Looks like USTA overlooked it when they summarized "what's new".

The player gmatheis hypothesizes in #2, if he kept playing (and played to his potential), would likely continue to be DQed at level after level until he reached 4.5. Self-rating at 2.5 would just buy you a few extra matches.
Actually the language was there in the 2012 League Regulations, but it was in a different section. See page 16 where it optionally can be applied at sectional and below championships:

2.04B(2)b Run dynamic calculations following the conclusion of the championship and disqualify those players that meet the criteria for NTRP Dynamic Disqualification. An NTRP dynamically disqualified player will be notified by the Section League Coordinator or designee and have the right to a review in accordance with procedures in Reg. 2.04C NTRP Dynamic Disqualification Review Procedures. An NTRP dynamically disqualified player becomes a benchmark.

For 2013, it is apparently being applied uniformly in all cases of dynamic disqualification.
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