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Originally Posted by SmackDown View Post
Yep - our Huntsville,AL 8.5 combo team lost to Tuscaloosa 8.5 combo team
in the finals of Alabama State Combo - and we had 3 4.0's from Alabama's
national championship 4.0 team and still lost in two 3rd set tiebreakers to
Tuscaloosa. They ROLLED everyone down at Southern Sectionals (not surprising) I predicted it. Mississippi only got a few games off each court against Tuscaloosa in the FINALS on Sunday. Pathetic.

They should have filed grievances against 3 of the Tuscaloosa players.
2 being former pro players with world rankings.

AND The Alabama Director of Combo knew about the players and did
nothing about it.
Looks like tuscaloosas dominance of 8.5 southerns is finally coming to an end as they already have a loss in group play.

Bama's 7.5 team looks stacked with a number of players from their recent national teams. Looks like they will be the favorite in their division.
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