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Originally Posted by user92626 View Post
Why do I keep hearing that serve is #1 or the most important shot? At all levels -- recreational to pros -- I don't know anyone that wins largely by his so called big serve. The insignificance of the serve is even more obvious at recreational level. Serve is nearly always returnable, except when the levels are too uneven.

#1 would be your keen observation of shots and movement.
I have to agree that a big serve alone won't do it. I have a very strong and developed serve (for my recreational level), includind a wicked kick serve, and even though I do get many free points, I seem to win more easily when I go about 50 or 60 %. I'm starting to guess that many times when I go for huge bombs, my mind is not clear enough to play the point and I'll likely make more mistakes on not so difficult returns. People seem to handle a fast serve better than a well placed one - they somehow get it back, and with an unclear mind, even a weaker return becomes tricky. And then, of course, I try even harder on the next one, eventually getting tired, frustrated and defeated. In the end, I'll win or lose if my overall game is better or worse than the other guy's, regardless of my so-called big serve. There's no point on forcing my shoulders to ace the opponent, in this case.

nice opinions, keep them coming, guys.
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