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Originally Posted by Sentinel View Post
IIRC Fred's losses to Berdie started piling up only in the last couple years. Prior to that Fed had a good winning record.

Also, i don't think Ferrer bends over for him but not for others. You logic has enough holes in it to empty an ocean
it all started in 2010.......berd got ****ed off with that extremely cocky remarks of fed after that defeat in wimbledon 2010 at the hands of berd.......that bad back excuse and other unnecessary stuff he said about berdych.......that really raged berdych for the first time and ever since then he seems as if he is playing tennis just to collect victories against my logic is just fine.......

Originally Posted by serengetisunset View Post
You could be right.
yes, the moment someone stands up and fights, he is mentally put off and his game goes awry.......playing in a weak era for too long has turned him into a sort of a mental chump.......
Marian Vajda to Novak Djokovic, "I saw you beat that man like I never saw no man get beat before, and THE MAN KEPT COMING AFTER YOU!"
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