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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
It would be nice to see FULL reviews from RSI rather than snippets.
As I see it, the value of the RSI playtests is that A) they are blind, and B) there are a lot of playtesters involved. So even though we only get what amounts of soundbite evaluations from each playtester, we get a broader picture of how the string played for a variety of players at various levels who usually use a variety of different strings.

That said, I think you're right - RSI should published a more complete evaluation from each player. They go through all the trouble to string it up and play with it for 10-40 hours, they may as well do a more complete write-up. And since RSI isn't paying anyone else to do this - the playtests are done by in-house staff, I believe - it shouldn't cost much more to include an extra page of playtester comments. Maybe for the print edition there would be a financial obstacle, but they could always expand the player evaluation section in the online editions.

Anyway, big thanks to Torres for giving ZX a good run. I was initially encouraged by his reports, then slightly discouraged by this "going dead" business. But I'll still try it in the Spring, and still think it might be a good fit for me as a cross with gut mains. I'm thinking of putting the 17g Pro version head to head against Mosquito Bite and Gosen Polymaster II, all three as crosses with gut mains.
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