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Originally Posted by Mahboob Khan View Post
Well, "the clearance over the net" is dictated by the hitting situations whether the player is away from the baseline or inside it, whether the player is in a defensive rally situation or offensive rally situation or whether the player is attempting a winner.

It will be absurd on my part to give you the actual measurement (because we can't contol it to exact inches) but it works like this:

Defensive rally situation: More net clearance
Offensive rally situation: Less net clearance
Winners: Less net clearance
Away from the Baseline: More net clearance
Inside the Baseline: Less net clearance
First flat serve: Less net clearance
2nd kick serve: More net clearance
Cross Court: Less net clearance
Down the Line: More net clearance
Slice approach shots: Less net clearance
Volleys: Less net clearance

I hope the above works.

see this video for example:
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