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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Probably the coach was not playing a doubles match at the time.
Very few players get hit in the face, as the body has a natural reflex action to protect head parts, and certain body parts.
Coach was probably feeding balls or otherwise distracted, and a stray ball came his way out of his sightline.
If you're good enough to play net position, your reflexes will protect your face.
If you don't belong up at net because you can't volley or defend yourself, well, maybe you shouldn't be there and you placed yourself in harms way....your fault.
Actually I think that is what happened - he got hit from the side. You're completely correct.

I'm gun shy so to speak, having pummeled my woman partner last season with a errant server to the kidney. She went down and crawled to the end of the court and stayed there for over 10 minutes.

Hitting someone completely takes the fun out of it for me - unless it's a super pr!ck of an opponent
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