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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
You are probably correct.
OTOH, nobody has a strong low serve.. One of my buds at Albert'sField in Marin is 6'2" and hits a hard sidespin serve with some backspin component, so it skids around lower thigh high. I just slice it back to his backhand. This guy is #5 on the team, which is the winning 4.0 team in California two years ago.
I do have trouble with one of my practice partner's forehand. He hits it sidespin, REALLY hard, and the ball skids just below my knees. I cannot hit a neutralizing or offensive shot against it. OTOH, neither can the 5.5 we were hitting against.
I have a high toss and serve it deep, the results are that they are very low and the opponent has to bend their knees to return it.. similar to a low slice.

It sucks when my opponent yesterday did it to me.. He was in a bad doubles team and I still can't believe we lost to them....

"Oh my goodness, we finally beat you..."

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