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You stand too close to the service line on me and my flat serve might not be hitting the court first.

Seriously though, while this may be your new found defense, get yourself motivated to have a better offensive return than a pusher block. If you start playing like this too much, you'll end up pushing everything back too much. Learn to return hard and wide/cross court on serves to your forehand and either inside-out backhand or strong down the middle just by the net person and back deep at the server that's coming a few feet in after a proper service motion. It'll catch them by surprise and they won't have time to set up a good return. Then your partner or you put the weak return away.

BTW, serve and volley players will kill you on this type of return, especially if they're really quick on their feet. You'll need to perfect it to get past them, but if they're coming in hard after a kicker, expect your partner or you to get passed with a nice strong volley put-away after your slice. Either that, or their partner should be reading your return better and poaching to put it away. Tick off a really good team and they'll I formation you on serve and your stand-in return is pretty much useless at that point because either the net person is in a super strong position to put your return away or you get it past them down the line and the server has plenty of time to get to it and smack it back at you or down the middle splitting both you and your partner.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not knocking your new found golden weapon, but don't expect to use it all match long unless you're not really playing 4.0 players. Add some other returns to your game and then mix things up.
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