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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
I know the style works, that's why players that are not in ATP/WTA use them.
Yes, for every video we see of someone with beautiful strokes, there are 5 guys out there that look ugly playing, but will kick their butts, sometimes very badly, in a match.

I know.....I've been beaten many times by them!

One of my good tennis buds (one of these guys who beats me every time.....) plays this style and is very successful all the way up in UT 6.0-. He is fully prepared to hit 20 balls to win a point and that is on a hard court....never mind clay...youll need a calendar to time the match. If you are not prepared for that, you will start to try and hit winners, which is exactly what this type of player wants you to do, as they are quite certain the odds are in their favor that you cannot blast balls by them consistently. And, they are right. They are playing smart to win (provided they are in shape and fit enough to play sets that take an hour plus each), but it is an unexciting way to play in my opinion. I thought this style of play would peter out by the upper eschelons of rec tennis, but it doesn't. There are many many players who approach the game with this mindset, and again, there are many who are successful with this approach.

Of course...this is spoken by someone who loses more than wins against this style! LOL
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