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Nawh, it's not possible no matter how talented you are. 5.0 have tons of match experience, which you really can't make up for with sheer athleticism.

That being said, a Div1 (5.5 NTRP) singles player I know has only been competing in tournies for two years, and he's bottom of the roster. That being said, he plays for over 30 hours a week, on court, 45 weeks (ish) of the year. That doesn't include his off court fitness. Guy is a machine, and I really wouldn't recommend it as it is very easy to get injured with that heavy of a workload.

I've gotten around 3 years of serious tennis under my belt and I can hang with open players to hit with, but I only compete at what would be an American 4.5 level because of my awful mental game. 4.0 is very attainable if you are halfway decently fit, and have a good stroke base. The biggest thing at 5.0 however, as I already said though is the match toughness that comes along with it. I simply don't play enough matches to really keep mentally tough.

Good luck though, I really hope you can succeed!


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