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Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
Hi guys,

I'm new here and new to tennis. So, I'll introduce my self.

I've been waving in life for as long as I can remember my self. I can't help it but to try out what comes to mind more than twice. Though I never act impulsively.

I've been changing hobbies, friends and jobs through out my life. Weirdly enough I was very stable in relationships but that's another story.

Anyway, in summer of 2012 I was fed up with my job and I started to looking up for a new hobby to have some fun and mentally relax. I tried quite a few things, from rock climbing to skydiving. And then came tennis.
I really hooked up with the sport and I started to play at least twice a week.

I'm known for my extremities and tennis wasn't going to be of any difference. To make a long story short, in a few months time I decided to get rid of my current job (at least for a year), move to an apartment of 1/4 of the size and price of my previous one and get my extra time and savings into tennis, for a year.

After studying the NTRP levels of tennis I had to set a bold goal, right?
I want to know if it is possible to get to a level of NTRP 5 in just one year of intense training;

I know it's a long post and a long shot too but I wanted to share it with you and make you feel it as i feel it... More over I would be very humbled to listen to any tips or suggestions you may have.

Dream like a child and work like a real athlete in life.
Not sure how possible this is, however, just last week I had a pleasure to play with a solid 4.0 in Taipei that started playing 2 years ago. I don't think this guy plays every day either, if he did, I could see him at 4.5 -5.0.
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