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Originally Posted by Onehandedbackhand View Post
Ferrer is ALL pure strategy. He doesn't have weapons. Wears guys down till he forces and error or gets that forehand either crosscourt or up the line for a winner.

Ever thought of taking a USPTA class? Might need that education the last poster told you about.

NO ONE at #4 just gets by on someone else's racket time and time again. He'd get plastered by anyone outside the top 100 time after time if that was the case.
He has a heavy forehand(especially on clay where the spin component is more enhanced)....and knows what to do with it. His Backhand is solid. He can place his serve well and maximizes the pace he can have with his body and height. He has well times drop shots....can run down anything.

He can redirect powerful shots, hits great angles and has huge mental toughness against everyone outside Federer and Djokovic.

He can not be ranked number 4 having no weapons.
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