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Originally Posted by drak View Post
believe it is "extremely low tension"

A Q to the guys who like 30ish with syngut. Is it like Poly then that you want to cut the strings out after 8-10 hrs?
From my experience, the syn gut does not go dead like poly after 8-10 hrs. I did feel a very gradual and small tension loss after a few hours of very hard hits. The unusually harder hits were due to the extra spin curling the ball into the net. So I needed more drive to get it across.

The "big" drop in tension seem to happen at about the 8-10 hours mark. Or it could be due to me leaving the racket in a friend's car in the hot sun

But it remains playable and comfortable. I've actually recorded almost every session I had with my first ELT stick at the link below.


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