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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
ok... another question with the 'drop'.... does this imply that the lowest point that the racket tip reaches, is the end of the back swing?
Define "backswing."

During a high level serve. The racket drops or "lags" as the legs drive the shoulders and elbows up. So the "drop" is actually happening while the rear shoulder is moving up and the elbow is moving forward.

In my mind, the "drop" is actually a lagging part of the forward motion of the swing, so it occurs AFTER the backswing. In other words, the hand is already driving toward the target during the "drop." As you've mentioned, that's why the term "drop" may be sort of misleading and why I often use the term "lag."

Again, the terminology isn't that important. I prefer to shoot video and then show people what they are doing wrong.
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