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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
after numerous shadow swings in the living room and bunch of scuff marks on the ceiling for the past couple months, finally found my serve... MY serve.

foot line perpendicular to the baseline, chest to the right post at ready position.

tossing arm straight into the court.. hitting hand continental grip with V right on top of bevel 1.... racket shaft about 45 degrees to the forearm....abbreviated motion to the trophy, with the racket face already addressing the contact point...

racket drop doesn't feel like a drop, more like a counterclockwise rotation... aka external shoulder rotation

laid back wrist on the swing up... lean on the ball and wack the felt off it....well it doesn't feel like a swing up, more like a clockwise rotation. aka ISR

flats hitting 1-2 ft on the back fence.... 45 degree weather with slight head wind.

spin serve, same motion with slight grip change, feels very secure as well.

ball toss is quite low.

so effing easy, zero wasted motion.

with some more work i should be able to put some legs and more core into it, and find better locations to make it a little monster.
What high speed video camera might you be buying or borrowing to see what is really going on with your new serving motions? Check any golfer friends as golfers have many more high speed video cameras than any other group.
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