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Here's another day, Mick fully rested, and same nonsense. Had an occasional decent rally.

I got so frustrated I just said "Let's go", "We spend more effort picking up balls than you playing".

He, and I can just see it on him, I read tennis players, but especially my SON, and I can just tell, doesn't get ready until the ball comes over the net, doesn't keep his eye on the ball, doesn't move into position to hit it right, just a total breakdown of what he was taught.

I would hit a ball, and as I hit it grab another one because I could tell he wouldn't get a shot back.

Anyone have any suggestions? Not all of this technical nonsense. I don't think anyone can because it's heart, it's mental, when he's rested and into it he's a killer, you know what I mean, otherwise he's just there.

I don't move much with him, perhaps he's imitating me. I can get away with it, he can't. I mean I have golfers elbow, it hurts so bad it hurts even when I dry my hair, I guess it's permanant, then I sprain my ankle, still surge on, and he acts like without effort it will just come.

Frustrating, I don't care if he can't play well, I don't care if he doesn't have talent, he does have talent, what is frustrating is that he has huge talent but such a low amount of effort. You can't teach hussle.
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