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Maybe if you're a 7ft tall player with a Isner/Karlovic caliber serve. You'd probably be able to take players to tiebreakers and break it down to luck. Karlovic is a guy I feel who has okay/sub-par strokes, but his serve is so good that he can compete.

On a more serious note, I'd say it's not impossible, but very improbable. I think it's possible to be able to hit at that level, but to "play" at that level is a different story. Personally I feel the higher up you go, the less it becomes about strokes and the more it becomes about intangibles/experience/mentality. That comes with lots of hours of playing.

You would need a few conditions to have chance at completing your goal.

-Great coach
- 5.0/5.5+ hitting partners who, for some reason, are dedicated to helping only you
-Athletically gifted, or came from another explosive type sport i.e basketball, track sprinter etc.
-Dedicate your life and play something like 10 hours a day, every day
-No injuries

If you had all this, learned everything right the first time, then you might hit your goal in one year. If not, then you'll at least be able to rally at that level.

My only proof is that I actually met someone who had very similar conditions, but his goal wasn't 5.0 nor was he under such a deadline. However, I still think your goal is still extremely improbable.
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