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Default Nike Air Max Challenge Review (in progress)

I was wondering if anyone tried these, however there isnt many reviewers that tried this shoe. so, i decided to give these a go.
These shoes fit perfectly on my feet. it includes a volt color strap in the side of the lacing area. it does a great job of hugging my feet. At least it's thicker compared to a 2k12 or court ballistics No-break in needed. the cushioning is enough for my standards. the heel cushioning is great. didnt feel any shock when i landed hard on that area. 4.5/5

I was kinda skeptical at first because of the leather upper. However, it wasnt an issue. I thought it was decent. the mesh window in the sides does really help with ventilation. never felt that my feet is going to get wet and stayed dry. 4/5

Arch Support:
the shank does a decent job of supporting my arch. while playing in these and out, didnt feel soreness from it. 4.6/10

I did feel like my feet was moving around the shoe a bit. but nothing major. it's ok stability, not like a barricade like stability. again, just enough to satisfy my needs. 3.9/5

Overall Durability:
I didnt expect this shoe to be the most durable since they used a different outsole material. This one use GDR instead of their XDR that we see in their court ballstics, vapors, 2k12s, air max cage, etc. it did see that the tread pattern gone in the usual area that i wear my shoes at around.

would say it's a middle weight shoe. not light as a vapor nor heavy as a ballistic. Didnt hinder my footwork while hitting. right in the middle for me.

Final Thoughts
I like this shoe if i were to go in a recreational tennis. not recommend for tourament play. otherwise the outsole might be worn out by then. I like the styling of this. something that i can walk on casually when i go to my classes, and use these shoes when i step in the court to hit. does have the flame what we saw from the flame line for WTF 2012. pretty nice shoe. I did got this from a Nike Outlet store for $60. you get what you paid for. a shoe that has hints from the past and reviving it with modern technology to keep it in this generation's standards of a tennis shoe.

I would recommend those who are weekend warriors that would like to go old school. or those are looking that can transition between in court and off court.

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