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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Nope. 1 extra win doesn't prove anything at all.

If Davydenko was leading Nadal 18-10 then he (most likely) would have many majors.

The argument is Nadal owns a decent lead over every one of his top 4 rivals. It's not just 1 win, Federer is 2 losses from becoming his goose.

The "matchup" argument might've worked if Nadal was only owning Fed but not any of the other top 4 players. But Nadal has a decent lead over all of them both in terms of meetings overall and meetings at majors.

Furthermore, Davydenko does not own a single slam victory against Nadal either. Whilst Nadal owns 8 over Federer and this is in finals and semi's, not the early rounds.
EXACTLY!! Nadal has impressive H2H against the top 3 guys in the game today AND unlike Davydenko or Hrbaty or whoever else he has 11 slams and counting.

He deserves much more than the hate he gets on here from *******s.
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