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Originally Posted by slowfox View Post
When Jordan wanted to make it in Major League Baseball, I recall analysts saying that the muscles most often used in basketball differed from those in baseball. Nobody questions Jordan's athleticism, but even with all his abilities he could only play double-A ball. Not sure how he did in the minors. Was he good?
I don't know how badly jordan wanted and needed to do really well in baseball. I doubt his passion for baseball was a tenth of that for basketball as he was just starting NBA. I believe if he had the same amount of passion and desire in baseball at his age and had coaches who could translate his talent to baseball, he could have become at least competitive in major league.

balancing ability in skateboarding, motorcross, and archery can translate well to tennis, strength of upperbody needed for moto and archery will help upperbody coordination for tennis, breathing and focusing ability in archery can be useful for tennis as well. and there's the gamesmanship that can be learned in any competition. etc
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