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I think this thread is getting better as it evolves. Given its potential I rated it 5 stars (excellent). But I noticed that the overall rating is 2 stars (bad). I hope that improves. I see the potential for all sorts of issues being discussed as sidebars to Mick's diary of his interaction with Mick Jr., and Mick Jr.'s development. Kudos to Mick Sr. for putting it out there. There are lots of insightful TT posters who haven't yet contributed to this thread (and some who have), and I hope that more will weigh in here as this thread progresses.

Regarding proper rest, my two cents is that it's the single most important element in realizing a more or less long term goal that requires a lot of diligent hard work.

Regarding hustle, I think it can be required and thus realized in a controlled environment. Whether self-motivated hustle can be taught is a harder question. Whether or not things required and realized in controlled, restricted environments might become 'habits' is another hard(er) question.

Regarding whether passionate commitment (from which self-motivated hustle, patience, diligence, and the willingness to work and engage in tedious practice comes) can be taught, I don't have any particularly informed or solid opinion. It's seems that it should be as manipulable (via environmental engineering) as any other behavioral trait or propensity. But it's obviously a much deeper issue than, say, teaching somebody how to hit a serve, or getting somebody to hustle in a more or less controlled environment.
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