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Originally Posted by Nadalgaenger View Post
Basically Rafa will retire with all of his chief rivals having losing records against him.

Fed, by contrast, will retire with losing records to Nadal, Murray, and likely to Djokovic. And yet Fed is the GOAT???
Then Nadal's greatest achievement would be leading H2h against Federer. Fed is GOAT. Beating the GOAT doesn't make one a GOAT. Also we have to remember part of the H2h record is that Fed is the 2nd best player on clay. Had he been a worse clay court player his H2h against Rafa will actually improve! this tells you H2H isnt the objective measure of success in its own.

What makes Fed the GOAT is the 17 slams plus all the other records. ATP top 100 have vast amount of talents. One just need to watch the Rosol Nadal's match to realize how it is near impossible to make 17 finals, let alone 17 titles. Nadal is one of the greatest player in his time. But beating Fed doesn't quite make him the second GOAT in my subjective opinion. There are quite a few others like Pete for that spot.
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