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Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
Don't misunderstand, I'm not knocking your new found golden weapon, but don't expect to use it all match long unless you're not really playing 4.0 players. Add some other returns to your game and then mix things up.
This is my default return which worked well even in open tournaments against Div 1 college players although sadly other things did not. When this shot is hit properly and low, it is incredibly difficult for the other team to do anything with it as their time is taken away. Poaching this is nearly impossible.

Originally Posted by SwankPeRFection View Post
Learn to return hard and wide/cross court on serves to your forehand and either inside-out backhand or strong down the middle just by the net person and back deep at the server that's coming a few feet in after a proper service motion.
This is what I really hate about lower level doubles which I am sadly playing now. I'm cool if my partners can make this "hard" shot 95% of the time, but most of them make it 70% on a good day, and worse yet it isn't really effective if the server is coming in or not. I also have the hard return, but when my block isn't working tend to hit a slower heavy topspin shot which is more consistent and a lot more effective.
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