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Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
OK luv40. Sorry about calling you dozu.

But it is obvious you need some lessons. Or some help on court from someone who can actually play and teach tennis.
no worries.

on lessons -

1. it would ruin all the fun of figuring out stuff; I have figured out pretty much everything... tennis is not easy, but not rocket science either for the analytic mind.

2. a few people i know have taken lessons and they aint getting any better... matter of fact they improved more from the tips I gave them than from the lessons.

3. this is quite similar to going to a doctor - in many cases, a person who can actually think maybe better off figuring it on his own than going to a doctor.... personal experience I had a few injuries in the past that ended better as a result of NOT taking the doctor's advice..... and I have seen plenty of instances of such on other people.... it all depends.
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