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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
That is correct, as far as the original version is concerned.

However, my question was refering to two things:

1) the fact that, during the match Ferrer was painting the lines. The entire match, starting from game 1 till the end.

2) even at the end of the match Nadal was able to play pretty spectacular points. Watch the point at 4-1 30-30 in the third. If you think, that such play is possible with the quoted injury, then you probably as well believe, that capricorns exist.

Mind you, Nadal was playing against a top 5 player, and not some mug.
Nadal injured himself in a very long game at the beginning of the match.

Here it is straight from the horse's mouth during the match while talking to his box:

He says he tore something but and when someone in his box probably infers that he should retire he flat out refuses(probably because he retired in AO 2010 as well). Ferrer is the last guy you want to face while having mobility problems.

Why do you think Nadal is talking to his team at 2-1 in the first set about his physical problems? Because they are nothing to worry about at that point?

In the first set he goes off court with the trainer at 2-1 and at 4-1 again, both times before Nadal's own serve.

Go to 2:52 of this vid and tell me that this is the face of a guy that doesn't really have a physical problem at the time(again, this is at 2-1 in the first set, why would Nadal get disheartened this early on if it isn't something serious?)

Even his opponent recognized that Nadal was injured for most of this match.

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