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Question Is Nadal-Djokovic greater than Sampras-Agassi?

Is the Nadal-Djokovic rivalry greater than the Sampras-Agassi rivalry?

Currently, Nadal leads Djokovic 19-14 in the h2h, and Sampras leads Agassi 20-14 in the h2h (Nadal is only one win away from tying the Sampras-Agassi h2h). Stats-


Nadal leads 12-2 on clay (4-0 in clay slams)
Nadal leads 2-1 on grass (1-1 in grass slams)
Djokovic leads 11-5 on hard-courts (leads 2-1 in hard-court slams)
Nadal leads 19-14 overall, 6-3 in slams


Agassi leads 3-2 on clay (1-0 in clay slams)
Sampras leads 2-0 on grass (2-0 in grass slams)
Sampras leads 5-2 on carpet
Sampras leads 11-9 on hard-court (4-2 in hard-court slams)
Sampras leads 20-14 overall, 6-3 in slams

Is the Nadal-Djokovic rivalry a lot like the Sampras-Agassi rivalry, and if so, is Nadal-Djokovic better?

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