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My first week match (green box):

The guy I played actually wasn't bad. He's a former 3.5 who is playing 3.0 after a shoulder injury. He's been playing left-handed for a while now because of this. His right-hand-dominant 2HBH is better than the forehand of 95% of 3.0s. But he served a double fault reliably about once per service game (the game he won was one of my service games) and seemed to have issues with the considerable wind. Wind is usually my kryptonite, but I played steady and conservatively. Didn't go for many big shots, except for about a half a dozen wind-aided (somewhat guilt-inducing) drop shots.

In between sets, I did mention during the standard "How long you been playing, etc" conversation about my not being allowed to be bumped up. He seemed sympathetic and told me I was better than most of the 3.5s he played last season when he was bumped down (that season was the first after his injury apparently.) So there's that.

1 down, 5 to go.
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