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1st serves can be tricky nowadays with serve and volley. Players that rely on hard flat first serves could actually have trouble because the shot will come back to them too quickly unless it is an ace or the returner anticipates incorrectly. The only reliable flat serve for setting up volleys is the body serve.

Returners are much better at anticipating and reaching spinny serves than they used to be (also they have better equipment to deal with these serves). Most of the serves that give people trouble are wide sharp angle serves, but these are a double edged sword. If the returner anticipates the serve, it gives him many more options to pass the server. If the server goes down the middle, it is hard to get it away from the returner by using a spinny serve unless it is a slice serve creeping away. However, down the middle spinny serves force the returner to come up with a craftier shot because they have no good angles to pass the server.

Also a huge thing that ruins serve and volley is the first volley. Today, it is much harder to place a first volley that returners can't reach. Slower courts and faster players make it much much easier for the returner to reach the first volley.

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