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^ correct. I generally played singles and doubles. Drink lots of water, if you split sets in both some matches can be grueling. What to expect depends greatly on where you're playing. I played in a relatively weak conference where I dominated at #2 but struggled (50-50) at #1. This can generally be attributed to the fact that regardless how weak a program is, most every college will have at least one ringer among them. That being said I've seen some kids playing even in the top half of the line up that have no business claiming d3 tennis credentials. They would be bageled by a low level 4.0 easily.
Either way enjoy the NCAA and match play, being on and traveling with a team is fun and it's a great way to meet people as a freshman being a student athlete. Plus there's probably not ever going to be another time in your life where you can justify working on your game and hitting as many tennis balls as you're about to hit in the next four years! Enjoy hope you make the team.
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