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Originally Posted by NLBwell View Post
I said at the time that he said that he would skip Indian Wells that I thought it was a wise move.
He never said he would skip IW.

Originally Posted by rafan View Post
If he plays it doesn't mean he has to do the whole tournament but it will be practice for him and better than taking a month off
Yes, taking so long off didn't seem like a good idea.

Originally Posted by mariecon View Post
What I believe is that he could only keep up the charade for so long before he couldn't take it anymore. Clearly the b.s. about the knees was just that: b.s. Now that he's back to his pre-ban form he's going to play IW because it's not about the knees folks. Get with the program.

Hilight for spoiler-

And what a great friend his is to David Ferrer who has owned this tournament for three years. I guess he isn't happy being the Spanish #2. Jerk. He had to put Daveeed in his place by bageling him
Get smarter.
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