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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
arche3 you missed your medication again.... why are you having this fixation that I am somebody else.

tennis lessons are for spoiled kids. real men figure out stuff on their own!
I know you won't admit it because you don't want the reban but nonetheless it's clear...

Compare this post:

with this post:

You and dozu have a son that is the same age (6 in 2011, 8 now).

Also, compare this:

Originally Posted by luvforty
I actually tried what Mr. Smith suggested - switching the 2 hands around.... he didn't wonna do it lol... it's ok, there is time

you know what, I am gonna show him Dave's post, telling him that a famous coach (instead of dad) is asking him to do so lol.

with this:

Originally Posted by dozu
wall hit doesn't really tell much.

4.0 or about seems right... if you are getting ready for a tourney, stroke mechanics would be the last thing you wonna worry about.

from playing against kids of your age... I say the biggest issue is generally the lack of strategy and game management... over hitting, poor shot selection etc.

you may want to just have a simple game plan, and practice on implementing that plan before the tournament.

the stroke mechanics stuff, you can fix later.
Use of "wonna" for "want to" (not very common), one-sentence paragraphs that start with lower case letters... your posts look identical.

Here's luvforty teaching how to hit a slice backhand:

Originally Posted by luvforty
you have this imaginary windshield... it is behind you at the top of the back swing... it is slightly open, and the racket face is on the windshield.... now you wipe it while pushing the windshield forward at the same time... when you finish the shot, the racket face is still flat on the windshield.
Here's dozu teaching how to hit the slice backhand:

Originally Posted by dozu
Imagine your upper arm/forearm/racket being 1 big wiper unit... your arm would be the wiper arm, the racket being the wiper blade.... the shoulder would be axis, and your back muscle (while stretched when you turn back), being the motor that powers the wiper unit.

now here is a ball, coming at you like a bug that lands on the windshield, so your wiper unit will go from high to low, from 11 oclock to 4 oclock, to wipe that bug....

Here are the keys -

1) the wiper blade is always on the windshield, so the racket angle is always constant

2) into impact, the wrist and elbow should be locked, so you have a solid wiper arm, instead of a broken one.

3) this is the KEY part why 95% of slices pop up - the car is NOT parked static! the car (therefore the windshield) is moving 15-20mph forward! this is what makes the stringbed bit the ball and create penetration on the slice.
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