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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
That is correct, as far as the original version is concerned.

However, my question was refering to two things:

1) the fact that, during the match Ferrer was painting the lines. The entire match, starting from game 1 till the end.

2) even at the end of the match Nadal was able to play pretty spectacular points. Watch the point at 4-1 30-30 in the third. If you think, that such play is possible with the quoted injury, then you probably as well believe, that capricorns exist.

Mind you, Nadal was playing against a top 5 player, and not some mug.
Oh, I agree. Ferrer was playing great tennis at the 2011 Australian Open. Nadal was not in for an easy night even if he had been in full form. IMO, Ferrer's performance at the 2011 AO might be his best GS performance ever. Check out the first 2 sets of his match against Murray in the SF...just inspired tennis from Ferrer. With that said, I must insist that Nadal was not at his best in that match.. I watched that entire match and even as someone who was very anti-Nadal at that time (I didn't want Nadal to get 4 in a row), I could tell that Nadal was struggling. As a matter of fact, if you think that Nadal was playing even remotely close to his top level, then you probably also believe in supernatural creatures.

Clumsy movement to the forehand side, desperate down-the-middle net approaches, landing awkwardly after making returns, low percentage winner attempts with his backhand, giving up on chase-able shots.....Yeah, Nadal was a mess in that match.

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