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[QUOTE=timnz;7248846]In these two places it says that Borg had a 49 match winning streak.

"It was Borg’s first defeat in 50 matches"

Talking about Vilas......" 46-match all-surface winning streak, third all-time behind Björn Borg's records of 49 and 48 consecutive matches won"

But here it says that Borg best streak was 43 matches

"On the list of open era winning streaks, Borg is third (43 consecutive tour matches in 197, tied with Novak Djokovic"

The 43 streak is what I have heard about before.

Apparently Borg was undefeated between early March 1978 and early September 1978 - where this 49 match streak happened apparently.

So what is it? 49 or 43......??

And what is this 48 streak mentioned also.[/QUOTE.

timnz, I still believe that Vilas had a winning streak of 50 in 1977.
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