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i think when djokovic starts to slip murray will become no.1. he barely beat him at the us open with the wind so with the conditions not favouring djokovic. djokovic is for murray what nadal used to(and still is) be for federer: he simply does not go away therefore he cannot beat him. proof enough are the matches at shanghai and london. also he does not have his stamina. last year nole played 2 consecutive tough 5 setters against both andy and rafa and clinched the AO title. this year andy barely played a JUST a tough 5 setter after a very easy draw and still did not have enough left in the tank to win the final. i mean everything worked perfectly for him: an easy draw, federer not at his best and of course his amazing form which helped him beat the swiss and reach the final. if he cannot sustain that form for the most important 2 matches than no.1 is totally out of the equation for him
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