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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Still got one packet of the red left. Am open to ideas as to what to do with it.
Two ideas:

1) Gut mains/ZX crosses, 5 pounds tighter than you would do gut/soft copoly. I still think this could possibly be gut/copoly on steroids if the tension is got right.

2) Your favorite bitey copoly mains/ZX crosses, same tension you'd do copoly/multi or copoly/syngut. I think ZX has the qualities to potentially be the ultimate cross for copoly mains. The most positive ZX reports have been about this combo.

OR, you could try a full bed again, but follow Ashaway's extreme-sounding tension drop recommendation. The only reason I suggest this is that it could be, could be, that Ashaway's tension drop recommendation is really about tension loss. The 60 pound max tension restriction tells me that Zyex has low tensile strength, which may also result in greater loss of tension (undergo plastic deformation or creep) at higher tensions than at lower tensions. The loss of elasticity that many blame for polys "going dead" has yet to be quantified by the scientists that study strings, but we know that poly loses lots of tension and also seems to lose elasticity. It seems likely, then, that these things are intertwined. If ZX were to lose less tension when strung lower, it might also mean that it loses less elasticity. If elasticity loss is what has resulted in the spin-potential dropoff you've observed...

To see if this might be worth a punt, note that in the second RSI Playtest report, on the Pro version, the testers did follow Ashaway's recommendation, while in the first one they were not told of that recommendation. So comparing the two reports might give some good info.

I'd definitely keep it in the same stick for comparison purposes.

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