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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
lol i feel bad for jr.

what is your goal?
I don't understand what you are saying, you feel bad for him? He's getting hundreds of thousand of dollars of first rate training for free.

My goal is one thing; Mick wants to be a Federer, that is what HE WANTS, and hey you have to believe or it will never happen, he get's what, even in the winter 6-10 hours of training/play. He has the skills, the eye/hand coodination, no fear, but lacks sometimes heart, that is moving your tail, focusing, getting in position. I see it first hand, I can tell if he's going to blow a shot.

See I pretty much just stand there, and shoot shots back to him. He can't afford to do that, to be a competitor he has to move once I hit, anticipate where it's going and get there, move the feet, position, but he takes the easy way that I can get away with but he can't.

So I have NO GOAL, he does, so I'm here to help him meet that goal, I push him up higher than where he should be, I mean he's played less than one year, we started last Summer.
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