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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Just go on days whenever he wants to go. Often my "bad" days on court, are when I'm obligated to go due to someone else, rather then if I go because I want to. It just sounds like he's having a couple off days here. Take a few days off and get some quality sleep.

Trust me, the sleep REALLY helps! I nap pretty often if I know I have tennis at night.

Thanks, I agree. For some reason, I guess it's society, whenever I say "I'm training my son", they assume I'm PUSHING my son, which is simply not true. He wants to play more than I do. It's as if the big bad evil daddy wants to punish his child into being a pro, but that's the farthest thing from the truth.

Anyways, yea, I can be tired, hurt, still play, but then again I have experience. He did aweful, but then slept like 12 hours, and still did bad, he needs to focus.

I see a few factors clear as day when he plays bad; 1. Doesn't move when I hit. 2. Doesn't keep his eye on the ball. 3. Doesn't move to get in right position. 4. Just tries to get the ball over.

So I see this managerie of hitting a soft shot over the net, after it's over the net he starts to move, gets in wrong position, doesn't look at the ball, and just hits as if it will magically be a great shot. I'm a first witness.

Othertimes I kill it, I mean I hit it as hard as I can and he's there, calm, aiming, and I have to be on guard because he does have talent and can place shots where he wants when on.
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