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Originally Posted by TTMR View Post
You mean he plays the same game as Ferrer? Yes he does, just Davydenko is a better on-the-rise hitter and can hit a little harder. Both guys play only a couple of feet behind the baseline, neither of them ever slice, come to the net or hit big serves. Drop shots are rare even on clay.
Watch Ferrer Vs. Federer and then watch Davydenko Vs. Federer... Davydenko's game is much more aggressive and he comes into the court a lot more often than Ferrer even against a very aggressive player. You won't find davydenko volleying much, but you will see him hitting groundstroke winners from just behind the service line often and not because he got a surprise shot ball, but because he's moving in on his opponents shots, one by one. His natural position is on the baseline moving forward so he can hit angles and open up the court or tee off of a good ball, whereas Ferrer's natural position is a step behind the baseline, defending until he sees an opening to hit longer balls and force and error or get a winner after pinning his opponent to one side of the court/behind the baseline.

Ferrer plays high % tennis. Davydenko goes for winners much more. He's closer to an aggassi than a ferrer in style.

Davydenko is a baseliner, but he's no pusher/grinder/counterpuncher like Murray, Ferrer or Djokovic... He's an aggressive baseliner. Even now at 31 (or so) and plagued with injuries.
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