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Hi all. I have three pairs of Courtballistec 2.3s that I am trying to sell (the doc told me I need to make a shoe change due to some recent foot problems). The 2.3 was my favorite but I guess my feet don't agree.

Nike CB 2.3 White/Gray/Black Size 12 - 7.5/10
Nike CB 2.3 White/Hot Lime/Black Size 11.5 - 8/10
Nike CB 2.3 Black/Hot Lime Size 12 - 8.5/10

I will post some pictures of these shoes a little later. They are all in great shape. I'm a little anal when it comes to my shoes so I wipe them down after playing in them almost every time.

$60 each shipped or I can sell you all three for $150 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions!
forgot to mention, you can email me at
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