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Originally Posted by Topspin Shot View Post
Well, I got a better video. The iPhone radar app clocked this one at 124 mph; I don't know how accurate this app is, but I'd like to think it's perfect. I think I got better leg drive, but my tossing arm is still stubbornly less than vertical. I wonder if this is a byproduct of my Tanner-like motion, or if it's actually a flaw. Anyway, here's the link.
Didn't look 124mph, but then it is hard to judge from video alone as it often looks slower on video.

The tossing arm doesn't have to go all the way vertical. That's more of a style issue rather than being a form failure. And don't listen to the people talking about tossing higher and pausing. The toss/timing issue is a personal thing and not really related to power. The current world record holder for serve speed (Sam Groth) has a low toss and his arm doesn't go fully vertical and he has had a serve measured at over 160mph.
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