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Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
owned only if you combine the entirety of their meetings, and you know most of them were on clay, now that's something that's undeniable. look at the individual surfaces and the story's different.

AO - Nadal 2 Federer 0
RG - Nadal 5 Federer 0
WIM - Nadal 1 Federer 2

Nadal has beat Federer in 3/4 majors. Federer has beat Nadal in only 1/4 majors.

Nadal has ownership of Federer.

Now we'll look at the collective surface h2h including the minor tournaments:

Clay - Nadal 12 Federer 2
Grass - Nadal 1 Federer 2
Indoor HC - Nadal 0 Federer 4
outdoor HC - Nadal 5 Federer 2

So, grass is quite even, Fed owns Rafa on indoor HC but Rafa owns Fed on clay and outdoor HC. So Rafa overall owns him, that's why the h2h is 18 - 10.
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