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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
LOL at you saying Djokovic and Murray are tougher match-ups for Federer than Nadal is. Nadal is Federer's toughest match-up by far, the other three are way below Nadal for sure.
It depends on what surface. On clay and grass, no contest: Nadal. On hard court, it's not so clear. Djoko and Fed have played 22 times, twice as many times as Nadal and Fed: 11. Fed leads both head to head: 12-10 vs Djoko and 6-5 vs Nadal but Djoko has won 5 of their last 6 encounters on hard (vs 3-3 for Fed/Nadal), Djoko has beaten Fed at WTF (Rafa hasn't) and Djoko beat Fed 4 times in slams on hard (twice in straight sets, Rafa has beaten him twice, never in straights).
As for Murray, he's the only (top) player who LEADS Fed on hard court: 10-8

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