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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Agree with this list except point 3

Murray only beat Federer over 5 sets at the AO. Federer at 31 recovery time isn't as good as it used to be. Having played 5 sets the previous round...he was a bit jaded. Haven't seen any evidence about this Murray level you refer to. Olympics was a bit of the same thing....though Federer genuinely was having an off day that day (not to take away anything from Andy's great play that day). Concerning point 1 I think it is a shame that the range of surfaces/conditions they played on wasn't more evenly spread especially during Federer's prime (many more indoor clashes would have evened out the clay). I think we would have a completely different result then. I do agree though that Nadal is a very tough brick for Federer to knock over.
What utter drivel. Have a glance at the head to head record and stop making terrible excuses why Murray pumped Federer at the Olympics, and then the Australian Open. How the match in Melbourne went 5 I will never know, it was a routine victory for Murray in every aspect of the game. He smashed him - like he has been doing regularly since he was a teenager.
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